Wednesday Addams Costume Rules

Wednesday Addams Costume Rules: A blog about the rules of being Wednesday or any character.

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Name:Wednesday Addams Costume Rules

Welcome to our blog about the rules of being Wednesday or any character. Here you will find all kinds of tips and tricks for staying in character, making your costume look awesome, and having fun at your party. If there is something you are wondering about that you don’t see here, just ask us. It might end up as a new post. And if you have some tips to share, don’t be shy…we love hearing from our readers!

If you are looking for more ideas, check out our Wednesday Addams Pinterest board. We pin all sorts of great images there every day. (And if you have another favorite board on Pinterest that we should know about, let us know so we can follow it.)

Now it is time to get into the thick of things: Character creation.

Being Wednesday Addams or any character is a commitment. You have to dedicate yourself to being in character at all times. If you are pretending to be Wednesday and you say, “Oh my gosh!” That is not being in character. Wednesday Addams would never say, “Oh my gosh!” This is disrespectful to the character that you are portraying. If you are going to pretend to be someone, do it right!

That being said, I love dressing up as Wednesday! I love doing her hair and make-up, wearing her clothes and acting like her. It makes me happy when I can portray a character well (especially one with such classic characteristics).

I’ve been thinking about the rules of being Wednesday for a while now and here is what I have come up with:

1. Do not break character.

The most common Wednesday Addams costume is of course Wednesday herself. This includes a black dress with white collar, black tights and shoes, and of course the signature braids.

As for the braids, there is some debate. Some say it is not a real Wednesday Addams costume without the braids. Others say that any black dress is enough to be considered in costume as Wednesday Addams.

Some people choose to go a little further with their Wednesday Addams costumes and make it a group costume as the Addams family: Morticia and Gomez, Uncle Fester, Pugsley, Grandmama…and even Thing!

The key to being an authentic Wednesday Addams or any character from the Addams family is to remember the rules of being that character. If you are in costume as Wednesday, you need to act like her: don’t smile! But if you are in costume as Morticia, then you must smile constantly. It is all part of the fun of making a group costume work.

Wednesday Addams is a fictional character who is the daughter of the macabre Gomez and Morticia Addams. She is often considered the darkest and most intelligent of the children in the family. In an interview with Vogue, Christina Ricci (who played Wednesday in the movies) stated that Wednesday’s goal in life was to kill her parents by putting a bomb under their bed.

For those of you who are not familiar with Wednesday Addams, she has long black hair that covers her face and wears a white collared shirt and black dress with black Mary Jane shoes. Her look has inspired many Halloween costumes, but it is important to be respectful when wearing this costume. I have put together a few points that I feel are important when dressing up as Wednesday or any other fictional character:

1. Do not wear blackface when dressing up as Wednesday or any other character of color

2. Do not wear offensive accessories – you might think that a noose necklace is funny while dressing as Wednesday, but it really isn’t

3. Do not paint your skin darker to look more like your favorite character – you should never try to change your skin color for any reason

4. Do not carry around a doll that looks like the real person

You can’t be Wednesday Addams without the braids, but if you’re not a child, you may want to skip this step. You’re going to want your hair to look as similar to Wednesday’s as possible, but there are some adult-specific instructions you’ll need to follow.

First of all, straighten your hair. If you have curly hair, use a flat iron. The key to this look is the straight, shiny texture.

Next, part your hair in the middle. Take each section and split it into three parts. Braid them into pigtails, then wrap them back over on themselves and secure with bobby pins. This will give you the same effect as braids without actually braiding your hair.

If you’ve got short or thin hair, here’s where your costume gets more complicated. You can use clip-in extensions for a more realistic look, or just leave your hair down and pull it behind your ears for a more subtle look. Either way, don’t worry about it too much; this is supposed to be fun!

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