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What Halloween Character are You? Take our Halloween quizzes, then learn how to dress like your favorite character. A blog about dressing up as a character for Halloween and the various costumes available.

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Jack Skellington is the king of Halloween Town and a well-known figure in the monster community for his expertise in all that is frightening. As a master of fright and horror, Jack has become bored with scaring people and longs for something new. He then stumbles upon Christmas Town and decides to give Christmas a try. But Jack’s attempts at bringing Christmas to Halloween Town don’t go quite as planned.

The Jack Skellington Costume is an officially licensed Disney costume. This costume includes a black polyester pantsuit with white pinstripes, an inflatable shoulder piece, an inflatable back piece, gloves, and an oversized mask with skeletal features. This costume is available in adult sizes Standard (fits up to size 44) and Extra Large (fits up to size 50).

Wonderful Jack Skellington Costume

Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, is a great choice for a last minute Halloween costume that’s sure to impress. Whether you want to be Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas or from one of the film’s other characters, like Sally or Oogie Boogie, there are plenty of fantastic options at Costume SuperCenter.

If you’re going for the classic look, a black pinstriped suit with a collared white shirt and matching tie will give you an eerie vibe. Add some special effects makeup and face paint to create the illusion that your skin is rotting. This look is perfect for any event or party. If you’re planning on attending a family friendly event like trick-or-treating or taking the kids to a haunted house, complete the look with Jack Skellington makeup instead of face paint. You can also find some officially licensed The Nightmare Before Christmas costumes at Costume SuperCenter so you can be just like your favorite character!

You can even dress up as other characters from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas! If you’re looking for something more fun than frightening, then one of our deluxe Sally costumes might be right up your alley. From her long dark hair to her patched

Jack Skellington from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a popular Halloween costume idea. This is a modern classic film that has become a big part of pop culture and it is very easy to make your own Jack Skellington costume for Halloween.

Jack Skellington Costume Accessories:

Gloves – White gloves are worn by Jack Skellington in the movie. You can use any pair of white gloves you have or buy them online or at any costume store.

Bats – Jack Skellington carries a stuffed bat with him in the movie. You can carry a stuffed bat with you or just wear a bat tie pin, lapel pin or tie tack.

Pumpkin King crown – In the movie Jack is referred to as the Pumpkin King. To complete your costume you will want to get a crown with some type of pumpkin on it. You can also make your own crown easily.

This Halloween, don’t just dress up as yourself. Dress up as something spectacular. We have a wide selection of Jack Skellington Costumes and accessories for you to choose from.

Jack Skellington is the main character of The Nightmare Before Christmas and is known as “The Pumpkin King.” He is responsible for the events of the film in his attempt to introduce Christmas to Halloween Town. Jack has a bat bow tie, skeleton gloves, and a grumpy expression. It’s one of the most popular costumes ever made, so what are you waiting for? Get suited up this year with our Jack Skellington costume collection!

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If you are looking for a Jack Skellington costume, you have come to the right place! Here at HalloweenCostumes.com we have everything you need to dress up as the infamous Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas movie. This is the perfect costume for a couple with your significant other dressing up as Sally. We also have many other Nightmare Before Christmas costumes available for the whole family and in every size from infant to adult including even plus sizes. You can also find all the accessories you need, such as makeup and masks, to complete your look for Halloween this year.

Jack Skellington Costume Ideas & Inspiration

The Pumpkin King of Halloween Town needs no introduction! With his long spindly arms and legs and his skull for a head, he is instantly recognizable at first sight. The movie was released in 1993 and it has a special place in many people’s hearts ever since then, including ours here at Halloween Costumes! Now your whole family can dress up as characters from this classic film and take over Halloween!

You might think that being a skeleton would be an easy costume idea but it isn’t so simple after all. Once you get down to it, there are

We’ve all been to a party or seen one in a movie. You know what I mean: a party where everyone is dressed up as some sort of character. There are pirates and nurses and superheroes, but they’re all just regular people in costumes. We’ve also seen the other kind of party, where the characters don’t look at all like regular people. They look like real vampires and werewolves, with long teeth and fur and blood dripping from their lips.

There’s something about those parties that’s just not right. The non-costume parties where people dress up as characters instead of wearing normal clothes feel fake, whereas the costume parties that look like real vampire feasts feel somehow more real. Why is this?

It has something to do with being able to see through the disguise. At a non-costume party, if you see someone dressed up as a cowgirl or an astronaut or whatever, it’s pretty obvious they are actually someone else underneath their disguise. You can tell by looking at their eyes that they haven’t turned into an actual cowgirl. But when you see someone at a costume party who looks like a real vampire, you can’t tell just by looking at them whether they are actually a vampire or not; maybe they really did

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