What Minion Character Are You? A quiz based on the movie Despicable Me.

What Minion Character Are You? (Despicable Me)

Minions are those yellow, pill-shaped creatures that help Gru with his evil plans. They are known to be funny and adorable, they can speak some foreign language, but we can’t understand it. In Despicable Me 2, there is a scene where the minions sing and dance to Y.M.C.A.. It is so funny! Have you ever wondered which minion are you? Take this quiz to find out!

What Minion Character Are You?

The minions are back! Despicable Me 2 is out in theaters, and if you haven’t seen it yet, you should. The minions are so funny and cute that many of us want to be like them. But which one would you be?

Take this quiz to find out.

Based on the movie Despicable Me, this quiz will tell you which Minion character you are! If you don’t know who the Minions are, they’re the little yellow guys who work for Gru. This quiz will reveal your inner Minion.

The Minions are a race of small, yellow pill-shaped creatures who have existed since the beginning of time, evolving from single-celled organisms into beings who exist only to serve history’s most despicable masters. They have helped Napoleon Bonaparte and Genghis Khan become world leaders and aided Dracula in his attempt to move from Transylvania to England. They were also present at the assassination of John F. Kennedy and were part of many other major events in history, but their presence caused so much destruction that it was erased from history books as a security measure.

1. What is your favorite color?

a. Purple

b. Green**

c. Yellow**

d. Blue

2. What does the quote, “Do you guys have any bananas?” make you think of?**

a. Minions!**

b. Bananas!

c. A movie I’ve never seen before!

d. Nothing!

3. Which Minion character do you relate to the most?**

a. Kevin, the leader of the Minions: Smart and courageous, Kevin also enjoys taking risks and exploring new places! He is good at making friends and loves to entertain others with his jokes and dance moves! You share these personality traits with Kevin; you’re a natural born leader and a great friend. The world needs more people like you in it!

This quiz will help you decide which Minion character you are most like. There are four categories: brainy, brawny, happy, and crazy. Each category has two options for boys and two for girls. This is a simple quiz that can be done on paper or with a pencil.

Please answer all questions in order to find out what minion character you are.

How Do You Dress?

“I get my style inspiration from whatever I’m feeling at the moment.”

“I try to dress like a villain, but it usually comes off as more of a hipster.”

“People know me for my hair, so that’s what I focus on.”

“My clothes are comfortable and functional. If they’re also fashionable, that’s even better.”

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