13 Questionnaire Templates For Fundraising

If you are thinking of a fundraising activity for your school, try this survey template to get your students involved in the process.

This survey template is useful to know the student’s opinion about what kind of fundraising activities should be held and what are the possible dates for the same.

You may also use this fundraising questionnaire at various places like:

PTA or Parent Teacher Association meetings,

At school entrance when the parents come to drop or pick up their children,

At parent teacher conferences, or

Any other place where you can get some time with parents and students.

How do you make your fundraising questionnaire?

A good fundraising questionnaire allows you to collect information from the donors to identify the funding needs and help raise more funds.

It can be used to create a record of donors’ information including the kind of services or products they are interested in. It also helps you to understand their commitments and interest in supporting your organization.

1. Why are you raising funds? What is the purpose of this fundraising event?

2. Are you planning any other types of fundraising events in the near future?

3. How will the funds raised be used? Is it for a specific cause?

4. Who are the main organizers of this fundraising event and what skills do they bring to the table? Is there a leader among them who takes charge of the team?

5. What is your best fundraising idea so far? What type of fundraisers have you conducted successfully in the past and which ones failed to meet your expectations?

6. Will there be any special guest speakers at your fundraising event that may attract a large number of prospective donors?

7. How much money do you hope to raise through this fundraising event? Do you have any specific targets or goals that you want to achieve during this fundraiser?

8. What kind of donations are you looking for from people – cash, cheques or online donations? Have you sent out personalised letters for soliciting donations from people in advance?

9. Apart from monetary donations, what other items can people donate – an old book, clothes or old furniture etc.? Will these items be sold during the fundraiser itself or will they be donated elsewhere later

Saying thank you to donors is a great way to show your appreciation for their contribution. It also helps make sure that they’ll donate again in the future.

Conducting a fundraising survey is one of the best ways to ensure your donors are happy with your efforts, and will be more likely to contribute again in the future. That said, asking for money can be tough – and sometimes it may feel like too much of an imposition on your supporters.

A fundraising survey can get around this by surveying past donors and finding out what they liked (or didn’t like) about the experience. You can use this information to improve your next fundraiser and get more donations in the future.

Here are some questions you should ask in a donor survey:

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