Playboy Bunny Costume Ideas

Don’t let the sexy Playboy Bunny costume you bought at the store or online be just like everyone else’s. With a little creativity and originality, you can make your Playboy Bunny costume unique and stand out from the rest. Here are several ideas for creating a one-of-a-kind bunny suit.

Add accessories to your Playboy Bunny costume, such as a tiara on your head or a necklace made of bunny ears. Wear a tail on your backside and bunny slippers on your feet. Wear white gloves if you want to look even more like an authentic Playboy Bunny.

Wear make-up to give yourself the signature look that Playboy Bunnies have become famous for. Use eyeliner to draw a line above each eye, extending it as far as you want. Paint your lips bright red and apply blush to your cheeks.

Use a wig that matches the color of your natural hair, but make sure it has bangs (the hair cut straight across the forehead).

You can also wear fishnet stockings under your white Playboy Bunny costume shorts if you don’t want to go bare legged. You may also wear white boots instead of wearing white high heels with the bunny outfit.

A playboy bunny costume is an extremely popular and sexy costume. Luckily, there are a number of places to purchase this item.

The first place to look for a playboy bunny costume is your local department store. They’re likely to have one in stock. These costumes are also very easy to find at halloween stores and online.

Sizing can be tricky: many costumes are generic sizes (small, medium, large). These may not fit your body exactly right. A couple options can help with this: take the costume to a tailor, or buy it from a place that sells custom sizes.

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