Top 5 Zombie Costumes for Women and Men

Zombie costumes are not just for Halloween. They are fun to wear year-round, and can be worn to any costume party or event. The best thing about zombie costumes is that they are easy to make. With some simple items from your closet and a few beauty products, you can easily create a ghoulishly great look for yourself. The following are the top 5 zombie costumes for men and women:

1. Zombie Bride Costume: To craft this costume, you will need a white dress or gown, veil, gloves, jewelry and makeup. All of these items can be found at your local thrift store for cheap prices (particularly if you visit the thrift shop during November or December – after Halloween).

2. Zombie School Girl Costume: The easiest way to create this look is by combining your school girl ensemble with some fake blood or zombie makeup. You can add fake blood to your clothes and face to give yourself an extra gory look.

A zombie is a fictional dead human that has been brought back to life through supernatural means, such as witchcraft or a virus. Typically zombies are portrayed as walking around aimlessly and violently attacking others, but in some cases they can be human-like and retain their intelligence.

Zombies have become a popular theme over the past couple years because of the hit TV series The Walking Dead. Zombies are also very popular around Halloween, which is fast approaching.

There are many different types of zombie costumes, so you will have no problem finding the right one for you.

Here is a list of the top 5 men’s and women’s zombie costumes to wear this Halloween:

Are you looking for the best zombie costume to wear this Halloween? Zombies are a popular Halloween theme and it’s easy to see why. These walking dead creatures are horrifying, repulsive, and terrifying all at the same time.

There’s no shortage of these zombie costumes in the market with some designed for men, women, and kids as well. There are also different kinds of zombie costumes available so you can choose one that will suit your personal style and preference.

Here are 5 zombie costumes that you should consider this Halloween:

Are you looking for a great zombie costume? Well, you are in luck. This article will give you plenty of ideas on how to become the best zombie ever! So, without further ado, here are the top five zombie costumes for Halloween (in no particular order).

For Women:

1. Corpse Bride Costume: This is a really great costume that will make you look like a decaying corpse. The dress has wooden buttons and lace that has been torn and shredded – perfect for either a zombie or corpse bride costume. The dress has a corset style that is laced in the front and has a full skirt. It also comes with a veil and headpiece. Of course, you can always add more accessories to make your look even more frightening!

2. Zombie School Girl Costume: This is definitely an attention-getting outfit! The dress has tattered hems, decayed patches and dirty stains on it – just what you would expect from a corpse school girl! The costume also comes with fishnets, gloves, collar and tie. You can add black boots or shoes to complete your look.

3. Zombie Prom Queen Costume: This is another really fun option for those who want to be the most frightening prom queen ever! The dress is torn and tattered

Zombies are all the rage these days, and they will be even more so with Halloween right around the corner. Luckily, we have plenty of zombie costumes for women and men to choose from. Zombies are the perfect Halloween costume because they allow you to brag about your creativity. Many people choose a zombie costume that has an original theme or story attached to it. The only limit is your imagination!

Whether you’re looking for zombie prom queen costumes, zombie nurse costumes, or something more generic, we have a wide variety of options to choose from. Below are some of our favorite zombie costumes for women and men:

1: Zombie Corpse Bride Costume

This zombie costume features a blood splattered wedding dress and matching veil that will make you look like you walked straight out of the grave. Be sure to add plenty of fake blood to this already-bloody outfit!

Corpse Bride Costume

This is one of my favorite zombie costumes for women. It’s an adult Corpse Bride costume, and it would be perfect for a Halloween party.

This is a great zombie costume that includes a beautiful tattered wedding gown that is covered in dirt from the grave yard. The dress has a corset style back, and is made from 100% polyester taffeta and tulle. This Corpse Bride costume also comes with long white gloves, a veil decorated with spider webbing, and black roses.

It’s a good idea to wear some dark makeup around your eyes to add a bit of fright to your zombie look. You can also apply some fake blood around your mouth to make it look like you’ve been feasting on human flesh – or that you’ve just eaten. You could also add some fake blood on your dress to give it that extra-gruesome touch!

Zombieland is one of the best zombie movies to ever hit the theaters, and with a sequel on the way in 2019, we thought it was time to give you some of our favorite Zombieland costume ideas.

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