Why You Should Dress Up for Halloween

We’re going to talk about why you should dress up for Halloween as an adult.

So, if you’ve ever been a child, chances are you’ve had at least one fantastic Halloween costume. Our favorites were always the homemade ones (no offense to those who borrow costumes from the store). I know my mom still has pictures of my brother and me dressed up in our homemade costumes for the entire month of October leading up to Halloween. We’re talking about ones where we spent hours in the kitchen making masks out of paper plates, pipe cleaners, yarn and construction paper.

Now let’s jump ahead to our adult lives. When you look back on your childhood, what do you think about? I know for me, it was always about having fun and being with my friends and family. As adults this is something we can sometimes forget to do. Sure, we still have fun but it’s so much more work to go out. We have less disposable income so going out can be expensive or inconvenient. You have to make plans in advance and get a babysitter or at least find someone to watch your kids while they trick or treat. It’s just not as easy as it used to be when we were kids!

That being said, it doesn’t mean that dressing

Halloween is a time you can be yourself and dress up the way you want. It’s the one day of the year that people can express themselves through their costumes. From being a sexy nurse to a scary ghost, Halloween is all about having fun.

Halloween is an enjoyable holiday for all ages, though not everyone remembers that as they get older. Halloween is primarily associated with children trick or treating, but in reality it’s not just for kids. As adults, Halloween gives us the opportunity to be someone else for the night. You can be whoever you want to be. Whether its your celebrity crush or a favorite cartoon character, Halloween allows you to be creative and have fun with it.

I remember having so much fun dressing up for Halloween in my younger years; transforming into an entirely different person was so exciting! Dressing up in a costume is something everyone should do at least once in their life because it’s so much fun and you don’t need to limit yourself with age or gender!

When people ask me why I dress up, I tell them it’s for the same reason everyone dresses up. It’s because we all want to be someone else for a day. We want to escape from our lives, or at least from our careers. We all want to pretend that we’re something other than what we are: accountants who want to be pirates, lawyers who want to be firemen, firemen who want to be pirates.

Some people say that Halloween is only for kids. They argue that you lose something when you give up the chance to dress up in costume. I disagree. Some people say that dressing up is childish or even crazy. But if dressing up is crazy, then we’re all a little bit crazy. If you can’t make time once a year to put on a costume, then maybe there are other things in your life that need more attention than they’re getting. Don’t let life get in the way of Halloween

Halloween is a holiday for children. It’s a time when they get to dress up like their favorite characters and go door-to-door collecting candy. It’s a time when they can eat as much candy as they want and not have to answer to their parents. This should be the happiest day of the year for them, right?

Unfortunately, it isn’t always the case. Some kids are left out of the fun. I know that I was one of those kids. When I was growing up, my parents never let me dress up for Halloween. They thought it was ridiculous how much some people spent on costumes, so we just didn’t celebrate it at all.

I understand that my parents wanted to save money and make sure I didn’t go overboard with spending, but in retrospect I wish they would’ve let me have some fun on this day.”

If you’re in your twenties or thirties and someone invites you to a costume party, you’d be forgiven for moaning about it. It’s not that you don’t like dressing up, because who doesn’t enjoy the chance to play make-believe? But the idea of committing to a character for an entire night—with its implied expectations for behavior and dialogue—is exhausting.

For those of us who live much of our lives online, Halloween is a rare social occasion that offers us the opportunity to meet new people in person and participate in a shared physical experience. This can be awesome, but it can also be intimidating. How do we break the ice? How do we give ourselves permission to act silly and over-the-top when we’re all grown up and theoretically responsible?

The answer is costumes. Costumes help us get into character and relax. They signal to others that they can relax too; they are our social lubricant.

I spent last year’s Halloween as a velma costume, my favorite character from Scooby Doo. I picked up the glasses and orange sweater at Goodwill and invested $10 in a red wig from Amazon. The look was completed with

I’ve always loved Halloween — I’ve dressed up as a Disney princess, a mermaid, and a witch. But this year, I decided to take my costume to the next level: I transformed into the iconic Velma Dinkley from Scooby Doo.

As a kid, Velma was one of my favorite characters. She was the brain of Mystery Inc., an amateur detective who solved mysteries with her friends. The only thing that made me happier than watching Velma catch bad guys on TV was dressing up as her for Halloween.

I felt like a star when I wore my Velma costume out during the day. People would stop me and ask for pictures! I even had my own Instagram hashtag:

I’ve never been a fan of Halloween. I never was too into the idea of dressing up and getting free candy, and when I got older, it just seemed like a lame excuse to drink. But this year, I’m all about Halloween.

This past Tuesday, my office held a Halloween-themed networking event. It was an opportunity for young professionals in the area to get together and socialize while enjoying food and drinks. Everyone was invited to dress up, and there were prizes for the best costumes. Great! A chance to wear a costume without being judged by my peers? Sign me up!

I decided fairly early on that I wanted to be Velma from Scooby Doo (of course). There are plenty of Velma costumes out there, but I didn’t want to pay $40+ for something I would only wear once. Instead, I decided to DIY it!

I opted for a red skirt instead of orange pants because I already had one in my closet that fit perfectly. The rest of my outfit came from Goodwill: a white turtleneck shirt, purple knee-high socks with stripes on them, and a red sweater vest (which is actually not what Velma wears at all —

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