20 Cozy + Cute Outfits for Dog Lovers to Get Excited about in Winter

Ultimate Dog Mom Lookbook: 20 Cozy + Cute Outfits for Dog Lovers to Get Excited about in Winter: a lookbook of cozy and cute dog owner outfits.

Winter is coming! And with it comes dry air, chilly temps, and the need for some seriously warm, cozy clothing. The perfect cold weather outfit can be hard to craft, but you can make it much easier on yourself when you include your favorite accessory in your look — your dog!

Whether you’re out on a walk or just hanging around at home on a lazy Sunday afternoon, we’ve got the perfect combination of cozy, cute outfits for dog lovers that will keep you feeling warm and looking fabulous all winter long. There are no rules with these looks — mix and match your favorite pieces to create an outfit that expresses your personal style and keeps you ready for anything.

If you love menswear-inspired looks or classic staples like cable knit sweaters or jeans and boots, we’ve got options for you too. And if looking stylish isn’t enough motivation to get out of bed in the morning (it is snowing outside after all), grab your most comfortable blanket and snuggle up with your best friend on the couch (after

Ok, so you’re a dog owner, and for you, every day is about your dog. You’d wear your dog around with you if you could. But since that’s not possible (or socially acceptable) here are 20 Cozy + Cute Outfits for Dog Lovers to Get Excited about in Winter.

We love dogs, they really are man’s best friend. That’s why we’ve put together a list of looks that’ll totally put a smile on your face and make you look good in the process.

20 Cozy + Cute Outfits for Dog Lovers to Get Excited about in Winter

If you love dogs, there’s nothing more fun than dressing your pup in cute outfits for the holidays. That’s why we put together a lookbook of cozy and cute dog owner outfits. Whether you’re cozying up by the fire or taking a stroll through the park, these winter looks will make sure you and your best bud are looking good while staying warm!

So grab your pup and get ready to recreate some of our favorite looks from this season’s hottest trends. From faux fur vests to sweaters (for your pup, too!), we’ve got something for every style of canine lover out there. It doesn’t matter if you’re into plaids or florals – we’ve got lots of options that will keep you both feeling great all winter long!

As we move into the coldest days of winter, what better time to talk about winter dog owner fashion?! If you’re a dog owner, you know that no matter how cold it is outside, your dog still wants to go on a walk. And if you want to go on a walk with them, you need to be prepared! Here are 20 super cozy and cute outfits for dog owners that include pieces inspired by the great outdoors.

1. Knit Sweater Dress + Combat Boots

2. Flannel + Herringbone Vest

3. Quilted Vest + Striped Turtleneck

4. Moto Jacket + Plaid Shirt

5. Crop Top + High-Waisted Jeans

6. Poncho + Leather Leggings

7. Classic Peacoat + Pencil Skirt

8. Oversized Anorak + Skinny Jeans

9. Utility Jacket + Sweater Dress

10. Bomber Jacket + Printed Pants

11. Wrap Coat + Boyfriend Jeans

12. Puffer Coat + Ripped Skinny Jeans

13. Hooded Sherpa Pullover + Ankle Boots

14. Sleeveless Coat + White Jeans

15. Faux Fur Parka Coat + Ankle

You may have noticed that dog owners and their dogs have a lot in common: for starters, you both love to take long naps and lounge around in comfy clothes. So, why not draw inspiration from your best friend? We’ve rounded up some of the coziest, cutest outfits you can wear this winter—and your pup will totally approve!

After all, we’re entering the season of snuggles. Bring on the flannel shirts, warm sweaters, and matching PJs! It’s time to get cozy.

1 Cozy + Cute Outfit

If you love dogs as much as I do, you’re going to want to check out these cozy outfits for dog lovers.


– a dog-patterned scarf

– a turtleneck with paw prints on it

– a fuzzy sweater with a dog face on it

– and more!

A sweater with a little bit of air between the yarns. Cable knit is great for keeping the warmth in and the cold out (and it looks great, too). I’ve seen people wearing sweaters in the winter that are so big and bulky that they make it hard to move around. This one isn’t like that. It’s just thick enough to keep you warm without restricting your movements.

The best part about this sweater is that it has paw prints on it! The black color makes it look like they’re actual dog paws, but they’re not. They’re actually embroidered onto the sweater. Who doesn’t love that? It’s like having a little bit of your dog with you all day long. I know I do! And if you don’t have a dog, these paws will make you think of your favorite pup anyway!

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