How to choose the best costume for your parties

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If you are one of those who likes costume parties you have to know a couple of things before choosing the perfect costume, the first is that you must choose the costume according to the theme of the party and the second, that you must adopt an attitude in consonance to him so that you can really become the life of the party.

Animated character costumes

These costumes are mythical, costumes of the most famous cartoon characters of the cinema or television series, as an example we can find all the characters of the Disney family, this year is also the 90th anniversary of the creation of Mickey Mouse , so this could cause even more sensation. But there are many more characters that we can have as a reference using movies such as: The Little Mermaid, Shrek, The Lion King, Robin Hood, Aladdin, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Frozen and a long etcetera.

These costumes are often difficult to obtain because we will need masks or costumes that simulate being an animated character, that is why we can help ourselves from specialized costume stores such as the costume shop where we will find endless costumes with which to dress up.

movie costumes

Another very popular theme at costume parties is that of characters from movie films, if we were previously talking about animated characters, now we are going to focus on real characters from famous movies such as Zorro, Sissi Empress, Mart Mcfly (from Back to the Future ), all of superheroes like (Batman, Superman, Thor, Catwoman…) and many more.

It is easy, for example, to find or make Grease costumes , since there are a variety of characters such as Sandy or the Pink Ladys that we can represent with some clothing and some typical piece of it, such as a jacket, a scarf or a skirt. It is always a triumph because we can accompany these characters with dances and mythical songs.

Scary or horror movies

Within movie costumes, scary or horror characters are also common. These characters have in their favor the intrigue factor and the constant game with our friends , by opting for this type of costume you have an easier time interacting and having a good time with your friends at the party.

This type of costume usually requires masks, capes, artificial blood, and plastic artifacts such as knives, axes, and truly scary tools. Costume wigs , old or torn sheets and dresses also help .

The mythical scary characters that we can choose from are: Freddy Krueger, Dracula, The Adams Family, The girl with the curve, Saw, Chucky The evil doll, Jack the Ripper, etc.

Musical character costumes

Another theme that is spreading in the world of parties is that of musical groups or singers, these characters also give a party a lot of life when it comes to participating in karaoke games or dancing. It will be very fun to be dancing La Macarena dressed as Amy Winehouse, for example.

This year also with the premiere of the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody”, the Freddy Mercury costume will be the most repeated at parties, so if you want to be more original opt for one of the other members of the band Queen.

The groups or singers that have been chosen the most to dress up and with which you can create a sensation are: Kiss, Raphael, Isabel Pantoja, Shakira, Katy Perry…

In addition to the famous ones, you can also dress up as a DJ, rocker or rapper as a generic style, this will give you a lot of versatility .

Everyday Objects Costumes

These are, without a doubt, the costumes that tend to attract more attention due to their originality.

If you have patience and time you can make custom-made costumes for everyday objects of our daily life, although if you are lucky you can find them already made in stores.

Some ideas of these costumes are: a stretcher table, a mobile phone, speed radar, cutlery , and anything else you can think of looking around you.

Famous people costumes

There are a number of public figures on the order of the day, such as politicians, astronauts, chefs, tabloids… who can also give us some ideas to dress up.

Attitude is the most important

You cannot forget that you are going to a party, so the attitude you adopt will define very well the quality of your costume. Therefore, choose one that is consistent with the attitude you want to have at the party and without a doubt, you will be the life of the party!

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