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Do you like dressing up a lot? Do you want your child to be the soul of the party with the most original costume? Are you a teacher and do you have to organize a Carnival party for the children ? Well then you can not miss the following tips to design the best children’s costume.

These tips will help you create costumes for birthday parties,  children’s carnival costumes, Halloween costumes and for any other occasion.

1.- Try to be original

To succeed with a costume, it is best to be original, because if there are 4 other children at the party with the same costume, you will not stand out. So try to run away from the fashion characters of the year and give it one more twist. A good example of an original costume is that of granny . Don’t tell me they aren’t adorable in their wigs and glasses!

2.- Better in a group than alone

This next Carnival you can gather all your children’s friends and make a group costume to make it even more fun.
A good idea would be to choose your favorite Disney movie and dress them all up as the characters that appear in it. Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Captain Hook, etc will have a great time.

If you are teachers, I suggest that the whole class dress up as marine animals . During the manual work course you can make marine decorations with cardboard and paint such as corals, algae, rocks… The children will have a lot of fun preparing their costume party.

3.- Invite your pet to the costume party

Animals can also be dressed up! Pets are children’s best friends, so why not dress them up to match the little ones.
This Little Red Riding Hood accompanied by the Big Bad Wolf is the best example of a 100% winning costume!
If you have a parrot you can dress up the child as a Pirate, or if you have a hamster your little one can be the chef from Ratatouille. Let your imagination fly and you will be able to design a fun and unique costume.

4.- Choose the Scene from your favorite movie

In addition to dressing up as our favorite character, we can recreate a famous scene from the story or the movie to make it even more spectacular.

This Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz has chosen the scene in which she becomes a giant by building a little cardboard house around her body. In this way the costume is much more impressive and everyone will remember it.

This little guy has chosen to dress up as Eliot at the mythical moment in the movie when he runs away with ET on his bike. It is a simple costume but I have to admit that it is one of my favorites because of the memories it brings back from my childhood.

What movie scene would you like to recreate?

5.- Do not forget the Carnival makeup

Children love face painting and today there are many tutorials on YouTube to learn how to characterize little ones , from lion makeup, through pirates, princesses and even superheroes. With a little practice you will surely achieve a great result!

You will only need to acquire a special quality Carnival make-up to avoid allergies. These types of makeup palettes can be purchased at costume stores.

Thanks to this video tutorial you will learn how to make a Frozen face painting in blue and white tones that will delight its fans.

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