Recommendations when choosing a children’s costume

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Do not miss our advice to choose a costume with which the child can have a great time on dates as important as Halloween or Carnival.

Each season, the range of costumes is larger and more original. Although typical costumes such as princess or ghost continue to prevail, we broaden horizons to fight for the least seen costume. We have compiled a lot of recommendations for you to choose the best costume, both for babies and children, and don’t die trying.

When choosing a children’s costume we have to bear in mind that the child’s opinion is very important. We will have to listen to her wishes and decide based on them.

Together with this, we cannot forget that children’s costumes have to have some characteristics that are not so important in adult costumes. The first:  comfort . If the child cannot move freely, she will have a hard time and will want to take it off right away.

  • In addition, children’s and babies ‘ costumes   have to be  safe. Beware of the costumes in the “everything to a hundred” stores. They can be very cheap, but also especially flammable. If our budget is small, we can find options at a good price without neglecting the quality of the clothes or encourage ourselves to  make our own costume with used clothes that we have at home. I’m sure the kids will have a great time doing it.
  • There are beautiful costumes that can only be worn once because children grow up so fast. Let’s propose to our friends and family a  costume exchange space.
  • In winter it is very cold, so if we are thinking of a Carnival costume we have to choose appropriate costumes. The little ones are perfect in the skin of a puppy that covers them from top to bottom. Keep in mind that you have to change your bum often, so if the costume has brackets at the bottom that allow you to change the diaper, much better.
  • With the grown-ups you have to use your imagination: if you choose to be Tarzan, you will have to give him a second skin, offer him the monkey costume or invent the winter costume of Tarzan of the jungle…
  • If we put a maskon him , please, don’t cover half of each eye or touch his eyelashes! It is best if the face is uncovered so that nothing of what is happening around is lost.
  • When  painting your faceit is very important to choose good paints (you will spend many hours with them). We should seriously think about it if he’s under three or four years old: he’ll want to take it off soon and the paint will end up rubbing off his face and suit.

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