Five security measures to choose a costume for your child

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Getting a nice, original and safe children’s costume to celebrate Halloween can be a real headache for many parents, especially if we don’t want to spend too much. Because of this, many end up buying inexpensive costumes and don’t realize that they can endanger children.

Take the opportunity to recommend that parents buy carefully and make sure that the costume is safe for their children. For this, it is important to verify that the costume meets European safety requirements.

1. Read the safety label on the costume

The National Institute of Consumption recommends that before buying a children’s costume or any type of accessory, you read the safety labeling carefully. Said label must indicate the age of the child for whom the product is intended, the safety measures that must be followed, the company responsible for the product and the warnings for use. It must also bear the European Conformity label, which certifies that the manufacturer complies with all safety requirements.

2. Check that the costume does not contain flammable materials

Accidents are unpredictable but the only way to avoid them is to take all possible safety measures. Therefore, it is convenient that you check the materials with which the different parts that make up the costume are made, so you can make sure that they are not flammable. Ideally, the costume is made with low-combustibility components such as: polyester and nylon fabrics, which are more resistant to fire.

3. Choose a costume according to the child’s age

The costumes are designed for certain measurements and ages. Therefore, choose a costume that perfectly suits your child’s age, height and weight. This way you will avoid stumbles, falls and unnecessary pressure. In fact, the costumes must not contain sharp points or edges, cords around the neck or other types of accessories such as knives, swords and canes made of hard materials. You should also check that the costume does not include small pieces that can come off and end up in the child’s mouth, especially if he is small. Do not forget that the masks must be made of breathable materials to avoid suffocation.

4. Thoroughly check the hairpieces and makeup accessories

The false accessories are placed directly on the skin and can cause allergies and irritations. To avoid this problem, you should check the labeling of these accessories, paying attention to the name of the product, the manufacturer, the expiration date and the chemical components it includes. Ideally, they should be hypoallergenic products. In the case of false accessories such as beards, mustaches, warts and noses, they must be dermatologically tested.

5. Look closely at the accessories for the mouth and eyes

The mouth and eyes are often more sensitive to irritations and allergies than any other part of the body. Therefore, it is important that when choosing this type of accessories or makeup for the child, you pay special attention to the components of each one. For example, objects that are in direct contact with the mouth cannot contain lead. Likewise, the use of fantasy contact lenses or false eyelashes can cause damage and irritation to the eyes, therefore, if they are not tested by an optometrist, it is better not to use them.

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