Must Know These 10 Thing of you want to organize a costume party in 2022

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Next we are going to give you the 10 keys to organize a costume party that turns out great, is fun and remains in the memory of all the guests.

It is not the same to celebrate children’s birthdays, adult birthdays, bachelor parties… Also keep that in mind while you follow our steps.

You must bear in mind that these are generic tips and you must adapt them to the time you can dedicate to the organization, the budget you have, the space available and the number of guests that will attend.

1 Starting Point: Planning

As in any event, to organize a costume party , you must start with planning.

You must assign a date, place and time. There are certain parties, such as Halloween or the Carnival party, that will mark all these aspects, including costumes.

However, since this is not always the reason, we are going to continue with the keys to organizing a costume party.

2 Choose from all the party themes

As we want everything to be perfect, we must organize our costume party based on the chosen theme: the decoration of our costume party, the invitations… even the appetizers.

Among the many options that exist, we can highlight the following themes for costume parties:

  • circus theme
  • Inspired by Hollywood: emblematic couples, characters…
  • A decade party: from the 60s, 70s, 80s…
  • Inspired by music stars

3 Do the opposite: leave the theme free

As with Halloween and carnival costumes , we can establish a theme or go totally free. What is a really interesting option to consider when you are thinking about how to organize the costume party.

These types of parties are usually aimed at finding the most original costume, differentiation and creativity. Do you want to surprise and be surprised by your guests? This is the kind of party that suits you.

4 Prepare the invitations for the costume party

Since we want to organize a costume party where no one fails, the invitations must be striking.

At a glance, you must understand when, how and where the party is going to take place; emphasizing that you must attend in disguise and, in the case of being thematic, highlight that the costume must be allusive to the chosen theme.

5 How to choose music when organizing a costume party

Music is one of the most important aspects of the party, it is what will give it shape and emotion. To begin with, you must decide whether to rent a good sound system, hire a DJ – who you will have to give him a list of songs to play – or if you will play the music yourself.

Remember that all the guests have different tastes, that’s why the music should vary during the party, don’t play the same style all the time because it will get boring.

6 Look for party decorations

As the decoration at costume parties is what gives the event that original touch, we must take great care of it when organizing a costume party. It sets the scene and, from the entrance, transports the guest to a different world.

At El Carrusel, we know that this part is the one that takes the most time and dedication in a party, that’s why in our ” decoration items ” section we offer the best decorative items so you can find everything you need in one place

Whatever your theme, remember to decorate evenly so everything matches each other. Decorate the entrance, the ceiling, the walls, the tables and make sure the sound system plays with the lights throughout the party.

7 Prepare animation for the party

Animation is also part of your costume party. You can choose to hire an entertainer who is responsible for motivating the guests, making them feel confident and entertaining them by doing dance contests, costume contests, imitations, a treasure hunt or a karaoke session.

Or you can organize the training yourself: think of group games, challenges or activities that will remain in the memory of the guests for a long time.

8 How to organize appetizers, drinks, banquets… at a costume party

Dancing and celebrating makes you hungry and thirsty, so you should have different types of snacks and drinks in mind and prepared.

A good help is hiring a caterer, putting together a good appetizer menu, with enough to last the whole night and enough for all the guests. Another option is to organize a dinner or lunch, before or after the party.

For drinks, it is best to have a wide variety of options, so that guests feel comfortable drinking whatever they want.

9 How to decide whether or not to put souvenirs when organizing a costume party

It totally depends on what the reason for the party is… If you have organized a birthday party, for example, it might be interesting to come up with something that they remember.

Decorate a space where photos can be taken, perhaps make a photocall, bring a representative character to the theme of the party to interact and be photographed with the guests; It can be an idea that makes your party unforgettable.

10 Choose the costume for your costume party

Last but not least, locate a costume store (online or offline), or give your imagination a try, and search among the best original costumes for the one you like the most.

If you are going to be the host, you must strive to stand out in quality and originality over the rest of the guests, that day you have to shine with your own light.

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