8 ideas to organize a costume party

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We already start thinking about the first festive event of the year:  CARNIVAL.

Our heads are constantly brainstorming ideas for all kinds of parties and events. Here are 8 ideas to organize a costume party either at home, in a party room, in your town, wherever! but in disguise!

1. Encourage attendees to dress up at the party

Of course, it’s a costume party! Although it sounds obvious, it is not nonsense. You have to go dressed up at a costume party, but even though it is one of the funniest parties, you always come across the typical laggard or someone who thinks that dressing up is for children. Wrong!

2. Select your the costume

Homemade costumes turn out to be, in most cases, the most fun. With a little ingenuity, you can make your own costume at home without having to spend a lot of money. If, on the other hand, you don’t have the time or the desire to think about a costume, go to a costume rental company and let yourself be advised by professionals with experience in the world of costumes.

3. Have a costume contest

This will encourage the guests to get involved in the party and look for an original and fun costume. Think of the award categories that can give more play to the party, for groups, couples and individuals, such as the award for the most fun, original, sexy or geek costume, the character of the year, the best characterization and above all reward the elaboration and originality of the costume.

4. Organize a themed costume party

Theme parties are very fashionable because they are the perfect excuse to have fun recreating past times, traditions from other parts of the world, movies or get into the role of your favorite characters. Take time to think about the theme of your party, for example costumes inspired by historical figures, the most viral characters of the year, the 80s, the roaring 20s, hippie party, Hawaiian, Hollywood stars, famous couples, dance of Venetian masks…

Once you have chosen the theme, decorate the room for the occasion , select the music according to the theme and prepare activities for the guests such as role plays, discovering the mysterious character or a karaoke contest.

5. Costume Party Karaoke Contest

What a great idea! Renting a karaoke is always a good option for any party. At a costume party it can be presented as an  imitation contest singing as the character in your costume.

If you think that renting a karaoke is complicated or that you can go out of budget, you are wrong. You can find rentals of karaoke machines from 200 euros, the rental companies take care of the installation and you can even have a DJ entertainer. In the following link we give you tips to rent a karaoke at any party or event:

6. Hire live music

If your budget allows it, hiring an orchestra is one of the best options to liven up any party since they adapt their show to the Carnival festivities. Well, consult our catalog of orchestras and visit their artistic files from here .

Have you decided on a theme party? What if you hire a group of versions?   or a tribute band? Find the tribute or cover bands that best suit the theme of your party and contact them directly without intermediaries.

7. Magic and humor

Depending on how you plan your costume party and the number of activities you prepare, you may need to hire a presenter who is in charge of leading the event and presenting the artists. You have different options, you can  hire a magician or stand-up comedian  who acts as a presenter and breaks the ice among the attendees with his humorous gags or some magic trick.

8. Immortalize the moment

Hire a photographer to immortalize the party and encourage attendees to pose in a photocall.

you can organize your costume party from your mobile devices, from our platform you can consult a wide catalog of artists and show professionals, contact them directly or request a free and no obligation quote.

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